5 photos on my phone, chosen at random

This has nothing to do with the list below, but if you're not watching 'the night of' on HBO, you're a crazy person.
  1. Bachelorette contestant
    Am I embarrassed that I have a screenshot of Daniel from the Bachelorette? No, I stand by my choices.
  2. My dog, Fitz
    He made me take this picture a hundred times before he was okay with me uploading it.
  3. A poached egg
    I'm obsessed with perfecting poached eggs. I can't totally tell if this was a success or a cautionary tale. With some distance, I wish that I had done some trimming.
  4. My high school reunion
    The lighting really set the mood.
  5. Bff's
    I don't remember why this picture was taken, but I've seen him twice since and both times had to reintroduce myself.