As a comedy writer desperate for laughs, I love having friends and family with great, distinct-sounding, confident laughs. With the following, I can close my eyes and hear them. Which delights me. Also, a bunch of them are on this app. Here are some of my favorites:
  1. 'HA!' @ricky ... A real stab of a laugh. Old men sometimes laugh like this.
  2. 'Hee Hee Hee Hee! HAH-HAH!' @john ... Almost like you've tickled him. The laugh is one of delight.
  3. 'Haaaaaaaaaah (snort)!' my sister, Shari ... An all-star. The snort isn't there every time, so you're kinda chasing it. But one of the few laughs that brings others to immediately laugh.
  4. 'Hah-hah-hah-uh-hah-uh-hah-HAHAHAHAHA!!' My friend, drew ... Like a choking hyena. It also builds and sustains.
  5. 'Hahahahaha!' @sophia ... Melodious. Confident, loud, joyous.
  6. '(High-pitched) Haah-haah!' Stephen Merchant ... Most comedy writers and comedians sometimes appreciate comedy with a simple 'that's funny.' Not Stephen. There's something youthful and lovely about the high squeak of it. It doesn't seem like the laugh of a 6'7" man.
  7. 'Haaaaaaaa-haaaaaaaa-haaaaaa!' My friend, Hilary ... It's a little bit what robots will sound like in their first generation. Or maybe Aliens, who didn't do enough research. It's almost tinny and mechanical.
  8. 'Ho-ho-ho!' @bjnovak ... It has a little bit of Santa in it. Bj is not an undisciplined laugher, so I'm excited every time I hear it. It has bass.
  9. 'Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa (crying)!' My mom ... Usually after a drink or two. Near immediate tears of joy. And it'll have aftershocks.
  10. That's it. My first list.