1. I love Ken Burns
    "The War" is my favorite
  2. With the Lewis and Clark one coming in a close second
    The Corps of Discovery!
  3. And Civil War, duh
    Shelby Foote!!!
  4. And Jazz, and Baseball, and The Roosevelts
    etc etc etc
  5. And don't even get me started on "The Central Park Five"
    So unsettling in the most crucial way
  6. No one else can convey a complex historical topic like the Ken man can
    Or pan over a still photograph
  7. And yes, the story of the American South is a mess, full of shame and turmoil and darkness
    (and beauty)
  8. Maybe it's too big a story for most filmmakers to try and handle
  9. But Ken could do it, guys
    He could!
  10. And if he doesn't, I fear the only alternative is James Franco trying to make more Faulkner movies
    And dear god, I just couldn't take that