Pictures of Discmen

  1. Last night I had a dream that someone gave me a brand new Discman
  2. And now I can't get the beautiful image out of my mind
  3. I remember the three or four I owned throughout middle and high school
  4. Some were simple in their beauty
  5. Others more colorful and flashy
  6. Some were made to be extra rugged
  7. Regardless, the anti-shock system was clutch
  8. You could take them on a boat or on a plane
  9. In a car or on a train
  10. But my favorite was on the school bus
  11. Where one of the most miserable parts of the school day could become a time for contemplation and vivid musical daydreams
  12. It was also sometimes possible to take them on a walk or run
  13. But again, it depended on your level of anti-shock sophistication
  14. Oh discman, how I miss your clunky imperfection
  15. I want to buy a new one of you, but I don't even have most of my CDs anymore
  16. The only thing I don't miss
  17. is lugging this bad boy around
  18. But I'd endure it all over again to get to live one more day in the golden age of the Great Portable Music Machine:
  19. The Discman
  20. Behold