Shots from a Whitewater Wedding

  1. Earlier this summer my best friend since birth got married in remote Oregon...
  2. ... On a rock in the middle of a class IV rapid
  3. The bridesmaids wore Target sundresses
    and Chacos
  4. And the boys wore tuxedo t-shirts, black pants, and boutineers on their PFDs
  5. Which we all wore, for safety
  6. We put in in two rafts and floated down the river for about 30 minutes
    With a cooler full of bouquets, and beverages
  7. And maneuvered a tricky landing on this rock
  8. Where my girl walked down the aisle and got hitched
  9. While 60 or so people watched from the bank
  10. They said their vows, switched some rings, and we all toasted champagne
  11. Then we hitched this sign to the back of a raft, got back on the river and floated another 20 minutes to the take-out
  12. It was the coolest thing I've ever done