1. Chapter 1: this 80s imagery is reaaally heavy handed. But the kids are sweet.
    Also where have I seen Mike's mom before?
  2. Chapter 2: still not sure I'll stick with it... these teen characters are obnoxious. I would totally be Barb and I'd totally be pissed at Nancy. But the kids are still sweet.
  3. Chapter 3: Okay, the teens are starting to feel more tolerable. Winona may be overdoing it, but I give her credit for going all out. Then at the end, I cry.
  4. Chapter 4: I'm now hooked into watching whether the end of the last episode really happened. Winona is still nuts but the imagery of her clutching the twinkle lights is getting to me.
  5. Chapter 5: the opening theme officially has my heart now. I look up whether the toothless kid is toothless in real life and find out he was Gavroche in Les Miz on Broadway! These kids have chops.
  6. Chapter 6: I've now read up on how the creators planned to create separate perspectives for the adults, teens, and kids. I'm starting to really appreciate the intricacy and atmosphere.
  7. Chapter 7: by now I've admitted I'm going to lose these hours of my life anyway so YOLO! Plus I can tell this is the episode when the kids are gonna make the van flip like in the trailer.
    But I also realize that means everyone in the van is at best seriously injured, maybe dead. I feel a little bad thinking how awesome it is.
  8. Chapter 8: I still feel like the 80s imagery is the whole schtick. But I don't care. Save Will! Save them all! Wait... Wtf Nancy?
    And I finally IMDb Mike's mom: she's Dr. Faye from Mad Men!!!