Who was also in my government class.
  1. I don't like calling you a doll
    Yet that seems so appropriate for who you were. Yeah you had opinions and personality but no one could take it to seriously. You acted for their enjoyment.
  2. I wish you could express your self
    You Definitely had feelings it just felt like no one else knew how to react to them, so you ignored yourself.
  3. Who gives a fuck about your boyfriend
    I felt like you were much more true to yourself without him. I felt that to him you were almost a play thing.
  4. I'm sorry I overheard your conversations
    About how you think your boyfriend thinks he corrupted you. You know who you are and you know that that is in no way true. I think that he might be a tad bit possessive of taking your "purity".
  5. I wish people would understand why you lashed out
    You just wanted everything to be peaceful for once and if that meant clashing heads oh well.
  6. You are no queen
    A princess that has to grow and don't be ashamed this is just the beginning.
  7. Have better friends or friends that can diffuse the situation.
    You have insecurities like anyone else. Feelings like anyone else. Yet for some reason they expect you to always be happy. You are not their doll you can be who you are.
  8. Sorry if you though I was creepy.
    I just like to observe and you stood out with so Many different layers. So much personality. I could sense your pain, but who am I to have a say in anything?
  9. Have a full life
    I give you my best wishes.