1. The more I think of you the less I think of me.
    I give you excuses, like you didn't know what you were doing. Obviously you did. Still though I hate how my dumb hormone induced brain thinks that I need you.
  2. The more I think of you the more enraged i feel.
    We did the same fucking thing but you did it better. How could I have ever thought that I was going to win this game??
  3. The more I think of you the more I see that we have too many similarities.
    You know in my mind I sometimes saw myself ending up like you. I'm still putting up a fight but you've given up on dreams.
  4. The more I think of you the more I want to rant about your broken beauty.
    How I loved your insecurities because it made you human. You were so reckless it was fucking beautiful. So helpless and you wonder why I was drawn to you. I didn't need a camera to see the pure you.
  5. The more I think of you, the lonelier I feel.
    You were a the only constant for month, my tether. You cared for me more than most. It's hard to let go of your attention.
  6. The more I think of you the more I hate myself for warning you.
    I told you all about my type of 'crazy' you told me yours. I needed to tell you I knew it was going to end. I always needed you around more than you needed me.
  7. The more I think of you the heavier the guilt becomes.
    I wanted to ruin whatever image you had of me at the end. I told lies and truths in the same sentence. I'm not honey and much prefer to be vinigar.
  8. The more I think of you the more surprise I was that I didn't sleep with you.
    It was honestly, ten percent of why I kept in contact with you. If only you didn't care so much about my virtue. It could have happened when we were having that hushed conversation in your bedroom. Yet you didn't make a move.
  9. The more I think of you the longer I wish you played this game with me.
    You had your fun but of course I'm to much for anyone. I almost won too.
  10. The more I think of you the closer I come to denouncing my aro status.
    Why on earth do you of all people make me feel things? Not that I would understand what these feeling things are but I know thinking of you is helping me figure it out.