1. Well it happened
  2. Got home feeling sleepy
  3. Took a rest and watched a movie in my bed
  4. Began feeling chilled
    Which is strange because I'm under 5 blankets...
  5. Began feeling achey
    Assumed it was from my spin class
  6. Took my temperature😦🔥💯+
    102 to be exact...wtf?
  7. Took some Tylenol💊
  8. Called out of work 😷
    Really upset....first call out of the year... and it's the day Santa is coming to see the kids 🎅
  9. And here I rest and now time will tell
    Will I get a runny nose? Some congestion is present. Will I get better over night? Will I sleep? Will the meds kick in?
  10. Also realizing I didn't add flu to my previous list... didn't think I had to #flushotfails? 💉
  11. Any guesses what it will become???
  12. **update**
  13. Fever broke within 6 hours after some soup and Tylenol
  14. Symptoms yesterday included zero energy stuffy nose, headache, muscle aches
  15. Currently presenting with a headache and a runny nose
  16. Back to work I guess...
  17. ***update***
  18. It has been over a week since my plague began I've come to the conclusion it was the flu
  19. Spent Christmas and the day after in bed coughing and getting bloody noses and passing out.
  20. But I'm on the mend! Woop
  21. I'll be ready to get back to work next week and pick up some more cooties ✌