you're not funny
  1. "Big Sale"
    Buys 50 cents worth of screws
  2. (Total that sounds like a year) "oh that was a good year"
    Not even alive during that year
  3. The day is too beautiful to be stuck at work
    Yeah. I can see that through the windows.. And I'm bashing my head against them dreaming of the sun
  4. Lemme give you my two cents
    Please just give me the money and leave
  5. Do you take Texas dollars?
  6. (price under a dollar) I don't think I can afford that
  7. "out of twenty?" -me "No it's $1000 dollar bill"- customer
  8. (Buys garden trowel) I dig that
  9. "would you like a bag?" -me "No I was married to three of them"- customer
  10. 50¢ like the rapper?