My college landlord 👴

when I was in college I had a landlord like no other
  1. Looking back on it my roommates and I decided we lived in a commune
    Complete with a community garden, a few hippies, and some holistic minds
  2. My landlord refused to have wifi because it was wigging out his aura
  3. He changed his name because there were too many Y's in it
  4. He never called a real plumber/electrician/contractor/exterminator when things would break
  5. He refused to use chemicals to battle the reoccurring bee infestation
  6. He once read my numbers (similarly to reading palms) and told me that I had to be careful with all of my power
    Apparently I could use it for good or evil
  7. He had a collection of busts and other statues in our backyard
    Also a collection of used appliances (Toilet, sink, stove etc.)
  8. The building I lived in was a renovated barn with stain glass windows in every single apartment
    Tbh my apartment was beautiful
  9. He was a hoarder
    When he invited you into his apartment to pay bills or chat you had to sit among stacks of papers, tiny little notes, and books
  10. His car broke so he pimped it out with red white and blue paneling
  11. He soaked his feet in a solution on the regular in order to drain the heavy metals from his body.