@doodler19 disclaimer: this is surprisingly not a suggested list
  1. it's her birthday!!
    "happy birthday to you mommy" -isla
  2. she's crazy talented in the arts
    Look at how adorable this is
  3. she's very tech-savy and up on the trends... especially considering her old age 😉
    She force me to get li.st before it was cool
  4. she is funny.... even my friend thinks so.
    "heather is very funny" -liz
  5. she loans me books
    even though I ruined one
  6. She hosts some pretty fun game nights
  7. she is a very good mom
    She also produced like some of the cutest kids I know
  8. she's a great cook
  9. she's from the 70s and im a 90s chick
    But I dont care...i love it
  10. she's trendy
  11. We share a face