@doodler19 please forgive me
  1. Woah what just fell out of the book?
  2. Why was there another book shoved in here?
  3. Oh darn that's not another book!
  4. How did this happen?
  5. Well at least I finished that section!
  6. Ah man she's gonna kill me...
  7. Well maybe not..I did finish the book.
  8. I'll just have to glue it.
  9. It's not my fault... it was really hot out! I think the glue just melted.
  10. I hope she doesn't think I sabotaged this book for others.
  11. How will I tell her?
  12. Will she hold this over me forever?
  13. Will I ever get to read one of her books again?
  14. Will I forever be known as the book destroyer?
  15. I guess I'll tell her in a li.st... maybe it will ease the pain.
  16. PS I'm sorry.