1. Ask questions
  2. Listen to the teachers
    This is SUPER important they are going to teach you really cool things and let you have tons of fun
  3. Don't pick your nose...and if you do get a tissue
  4. Be quiet in the hallways and the library
  5. Be silly
    But not too silly!
  6. Share the toys with the other kids
    Also tell them all the cool facts you know and see what they can tell you
  7. Wear your coolest T-shirt and or shoes on the first day
  8. Have fun!
    Kindergarten is the best 😊
  9. If you're a little nervous about something remember you are a super smart awesomesauce dude and batman believes you can do it.
    PS tomorrow is also my first day so we are in this together 👪
  10. Make sure you tell your mom all the super cool things you learned