To the future husband of...

  1. You must be ok with her constant moose behavior
    @carago45 isn't the most delicate flower
  2. You probably should have been a frat boy in college
  3. You must be a good cook or have the means to feed her delicious food
  4. You must be athletic
    Someone has to get her lazybum outta the house
  5. You must also be a pusher. Tossing her out of her comfort zone.
    But also like back up because she's a boss
  6. A well dressed boy is a well liked boy
  7. Must read. Love to read.
  8. You must love food
    Maybe just be food?
  9. You better play music
    But not for a career unless you're a professional rockstar and super successful
  10. You really have to be successful
    @carago45 expects the best
  11. You must be nice and love her dearly
    @carago45 is not only my cuz but my best pal and if you mess with mess with me.
  12. You must be nice, but not TOO nice or @leesh63 won't like you.
    Suggested by   @doodler19
  13. Must be taller than her
    Not like it's hard
    Suggested by   @carago45
  14. Must be able to make her laugh uncontrollably
    It's her favorite ab workout...who are we kidding it's her only ab workout
    Suggested by   @carago45
  15. Must enjoy loud, chaotic family gatherings
    Suggested by   @doodler19
  16. Really stubborn. And cute. And little. And a baby. No, wait. What about she should have a wife...? (According to Miles)
    Suggested by   @doodler19