1. G&T
    Best drink ever and always. Add a lil lime wedge if you're classy or something. And if you're fancy (and already know). I highly recommend a dash of elderflower cordial. Damn.
  2. Sangria
    It's practically a boozy fruit salad so get your Vitamin C and Vitamin B(ooze).
  3. Margarita
    Few other drinks evoke the feeling of being on a tropical beach like a margarita. The slushy ones suck so keep it on the rocks and you too will ROCK.
  4. Red Wine
  5. Classy Cocktail Concotion
    It's always fun to go out and spend an obscene amount on a delicious libation.
  6. Beer
    A newly acquired taste of mine, sometimes ya just need a frosty one when eating greasy foods or watching sporting events. I'm Canadian, eh.