Really, these would switch based on the day. But here we are.
  1. Satisfied
    Because obviously.
  2. Non-Stop
    A few reasons: Leslie's line reading of "THE OTHER 51!?!?"; Hamilton's attempt to pull one over on Burr about defending the Constitution never fails to amuse me; mostly, though, I love when finale songs bring in elements of prior songs from the Act and Non-Stop delivers like whoa.
  3. Ten Duel Commandments
    Counting in songs will always, always make me happy
  4. What Comes Next
    Awesome! Wow!
  5. Helpless
    "And my heart went boom" and "one week later" is the super fun to sing/act out while stuck in traffic at 9 in the morning
  6. Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)
    This whole song is great but the line "So the American experiment begins"; HERCULES MULLIGAN; the world turned upside down line drama!
  7. The Schuyler Sisters
    Angelica Schuyler, like a boss (also, how much do I love the HIStory is HAPPening in manHATTAN and we just HAPPen to be part?!? SO MUCH)
  8. Guns and Ships
    Let's be straight: in no way, shape, or form can I keep up with this song. But shouting Lafayette is such a joy.
  9. Right Hand Man
    To be honest, I skip this one quite a bit, except for when I feel a huge urge to chant. Then, it gets played over and over. BOOM.
  10. You'll Be Back
    Over and over.
  11. My Shot
    Oh, Hamilton, you so stubborn.
  12. Meet Me Inside
    This is angsty as all get out. Which is ideal after a super awful meeting.
  13. Farmer Refuted
    How long can we hold on the word "mange?" Because it's my favorite.
  14. Stay Alive
    I'm a general, wheeeeeeeee!
  15. Alexander Hamilton
    My head will bop to this beat until I die. And probably after.
  16. Wait for It
    This song is amazeballs, but I'm not sure I'd call it enjoyable. A large portion makes me super sad. And that mournful cello line!
  17. The Story of Tonight (Reprise)
    First, I do love a well placed reprise. Second, "newly non-poor"
  18. The Story of Tonight
    Again, I love this, but as a sing-when-feeling-the-love-for-everyone-in-a-drunk-kinda-way not car-dancing-way
  19. Aaron Burr, Sir
  20. Dear Theodosia
    As always, gorgeous, but I always think it would be perfect on a Broadway Lullabys mixtape. Which isn't an endorsement for car dancing.
  21. History Has Its Eyes on You
    Washington's ballad. Which I mostly skip. Sorry, Chris Jackson! I still love you!
  22. That Would Be Enough
    Eliza! You will wish you demanded more in Act II!
  23. A Winter's Ball
    A connective song, truly.