We've all been there. We have all tried Tinder at some point in our lives. And we all swipe left for some reason. This list is composed of a few reasons why I would swipe left to guys on this app. And thinking of this list reminded me of why I deleted the app after swiping left 128485994959 times and only swiping right about 5.
  1. You start off your first profile pic as a group photo - You are trying to leave a mystery as to which one is really you, and I am going to assume you are the ugly one in the group.
  2. There is a female in the picture. - Guys, why are you on this website trying to find a a girl to be with if clearly you have already found one since she is in your profile pic??
  3. The guy is holding a fish. - This has happened on multiple occasions that there is a guy holding a fish, and I will never for the life of me figure out why they would think this is attractive to girls.
  4. Shirtless pic just to show off abs - Like good for you, but now I think you're athletic, and that could turn into another swipe left because I am clearly not about that life as I lay in bed eating snacks and watching 30 Rock.
  5. One of the pictures is a car - Unless you are also a Transformer (which would be pretty sweet), and that is you in your other form, I honestly could care less what car you drive.
  6. There is only one picture of you - I've watched too many episodes of Catfish to be proud of to know that is a red flag situation.
  7. Bio reads: "420 Friendly" - Sorry, I don't mess with the Devil's Lettuce.
  8. Picture of you at the club. - The only thing that's going to be lit tonight is my fall scented candles
  9. Your height is listed in your bio. - I am 5'2, so I just assume every guy is a minimum of at least 6 ft tall. Like I get it, you can see a whole other part of life and the world that I can't.
  10. Middle finger present in pic - Tell them boy bye. 👋🏻