True classics. I also had some mad paint skills.
  1. Lemmings
    58f81b8b d0d4 4638 a61c 9b902d291381
  2. Bubble bobble
    F498fd1c ff5a 4ffc b8fb 29da0a5b7744
    A few years ago I downloaded this on some modern console (wii? PS3?) and it was every bit as awesome as I remembered
  3. Wolfenstein
    E7ed7e0c be38 4edc a91d fc323ff518b4
    On DOS, of course
  4. 11th Hour
    C4248487 5411 497f b8c8 86123398abfe
  5. Myst
    9110e0be 6cf0 4b84 b928 571f263bf2f9