What are your favorite programming languages and why?
  1. Java
    My first introduction into programming and the language that got me hooked. I remember writing simple programs in college and feeling like something really clicked.
  2. JavaScript
    I taught myself JS/HTML/CSS when ideas straight out of college and starting my consulting career 10 years ago. This is the language I use the most.
  3. Ruby/Chef
    This past year I started writing Ruby/Chef code and I've really enjoyed learning something new.
  4. Lua
    Really small surface area so it's easy to learn and also to implement. Also because of this LuaJIT has been incredibly fast for a long time. I also love the way it does classes and self/this semantics. obj:method(arg1, arg2) is syntactic sugar for obj.method(obj, arg1, arg2) and that's all you need to know about binding and self etc.
    Suggested by   @charlie