A list of what is taking up space on my DVR, in the order in which they appear. Usually it's not this bad, but I've mostly caught up on my shows.
  1. NBC Nightly News
    Recorded daily, rarely watched
  2. Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood (5)
    Largely neglected by the 3 yr old but if I delete the series she'll get mad
  3. The Pioneer Woman
  4. The Soup
  5. PAW Patrol (5)
    The 3 yr old's current favorite. Two of these episodes are actually 2 hours long. Nick Jr, you're so sneaky.
  6. Sofia the First (5)
    I love Tim Gunn
  7. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (5)
  8. Thomas & Friends
  9. Dora & Friends : Into the City
    I hate this show so so much
  10. Tosh.0
  11. Naked and Afraid
  12. Yo Gabba Gabba
    For the 1 yr old
  13. Cooks Country
  14. The Layover with Anthony @Bourdain