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I work at a local custard shop. For those who don't know the difference, custard is made is egg whites so it is much fluffier and less icy than ice cream, it is also a lot tastier. I make custard with a machine designed by my company, which takes milky custard and turns it into frozen custard by freezing and churning it at -40° Fahrenheit.
  1. I experienced wrist pain from making 12+ tubs of custard and frozen yogurt in a day
    We mix in specialty ingredients, such as cashews, magic chocolate, fudge, caramel, etc. I did this for 8 tubs, the other 4 were plain chocolate and vanilla.
  2. While driving the custard truck to an event, the girl driving hit the brakes hard and the melted fudge and caramel machine flew across the truck and spilled all over the floor
    I had to get up while the truck was moving and scoop as much as I could into the trash. We put down cardboard and ran the truck event anyway, but we had to do a lot of cleaning later. We stuck to the floor.
  3. While driving the truck, the freezer detached from the wall and made a dent in the wall behind the driver's seat.
    Thought we were going to die
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I lose socks all the time, so here's some places they could be
  1. Under my dresser
  2. Stuck in the dryer
  3. Narnia
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  1. "What don't you understand?" "The school bus."
    I went to a private school as a kid so I never rode a school bus to or from school until I was probably 7 or 8. Up until then, anytime my parents asked me what I didn't understand about something (Even if it had nothing to do with school busses) I always answered "the school bus"
  2. Possum Brown
    "In the meadow we will build a snowman, and pretend that he is Possum Brown."
  3. The apopalypse
  4. Spongepop Squarepants
    I insisted that was his name, and there was no way to convince me otherwise
  1. New Years Eve Dinner
    A tradition for my family, dating back over 100 years. Oyster stew.
  2. Face swap of two of my best friends
    Not bad really
  3. An old background of mine
    I like low-poly stuff
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I'm only 19, what can I really know?
  1. If you let the little things get to you, you're going to have a bad time
    Abby told me she could go with me to the zoo but canceled nearly last minute? Chill. It's okay, you can do something else with her some other time. No one is free to hang out tonight? Good. You need some time to yourself.
  2. It only matters what other people think if they're your boss, professor, or parent.
    Otherwise who are they to tell you what you should and shouldn't do?
  3. People come and go, but memories are forever
    Cliche as heck, but it's true. The memories are the best because you can subconsciously pick out the bad parts, anyway.
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A lot of people don't know much about goats, but here's a bunch of reasons why they should be your favorite animal
  1. They have rectangular pupils
    Are these not the coolest things ever? Goats are prey, so they have evolved these because the goats who spot predators better are more likely to survive.
  2. Baby goats are adorable
    They're so fun to be around too. They'll jump off of walls and run super fast, and they'll even practice head butting your fist!
  3. Some goats have been bred to freeze and faint when scared
    They're actually called Tennessee Fainting Goats and they're a meat breed that has been bred to faint and tense up their muscles when scared. This produces very high quality goat meat, if you're into that.
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  1. Winners (Prove me right)
    Jim Dwight Oscar Darryl Andy Toby Phyllis Angela Kevin
  2. Losers (Prove me wrong)
    Stanley Gabe Kelley (Spelled right?) Ryan Old man Pam Meredith Erin