I'm only 19, what can I really know?
  1. If you let the little things get to you, you're going to have a bad time
    Abby told me she could go with me to the zoo but canceled nearly last minute? Chill. It's okay, you can do something else with her some other time. No one is free to hang out tonight? Good. You need some time to yourself.
  2. It only matters what other people think if they're your boss, professor, or parent.
    Otherwise who are they to tell you what you should and shouldn't do?
  3. People come and go, but memories are forever
    Cliche as heck, but it's true. The memories are the best because you can subconsciously pick out the bad parts, anyway.
  4. People change, there's no point in stopping them.
    They'll just resent you if you do. Tell them your opinion, and move on.
  5. You need a close girl friend
    Someone you can talk to about periods and The Bachelor
  6. You need a close guy friend
    Someone you can tell about your periods and The Bachelor
  7. Make friends with your professors
    They're usually really cool, but they will also bump you up one or two points if you deserve it.
  8. Don't be a dick.
    It's unnecessary, and boy does it piss people off
  9. Don't piss people off
    It's unnecessary, and makes you look like a dick.
  10. Find a passion in life
    And it's okay if that passion changes every 5 minutes. Find something you love and go for it
  11. Don't let anyone tell you your major/passion/career is useless
    Because if you love it, you'll find a use.