I work at a local custard shop. For those who don't know the difference, custard is made is egg whites so it is much fluffier and less icy than ice cream, it is also a lot tastier. I make custard with a machine designed by my company, which takes milky custard and turns it into frozen custard by freezing and churning it at -40° Fahrenheit.
  1. I experienced wrist pain from making 12+ tubs of custard and frozen yogurt in a day
    We mix in specialty ingredients, such as cashews, magic chocolate, fudge, caramel, etc. I did this for 8 tubs, the other 4 were plain chocolate and vanilla.
  2. While driving the custard truck to an event, the girl driving hit the brakes hard and the melted fudge and caramel machine flew across the truck and spilled all over the floor
    I had to get up while the truck was moving and scoop as much as I could into the trash. We put down cardboard and ran the truck event anyway, but we had to do a lot of cleaning later. We stuck to the floor.
  3. While driving the truck, the freezer detached from the wall and made a dent in the wall behind the driver's seat.
    Thought we were going to die
  4. And in all of this, I've mastered scooping custard that is melted, frozen, and rock hard.
  5. I've served many people, big and small
  6. I've brought joy to many children's faces
  7. I've brought disgust by giving a lady caramel custard, when she didn't like caramel.
    She asked for it though
  8. And I look forward to serving more and more every day.