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I studied music and have a rude t shirt collection and yet somehow I'm going on two years in this cube...
  1. This is the level shoes I like to wear. Silver birkenstocks that I got to wear to a festival.
  2. I get alcohol delivered to the office and then take selfies with it
    I am not drinking this on the job but I do have it in the fridge so it'll be cold and I can have it after work
  3. My favorite music to listen to at work is explicit rap or musical soundtracks
    Chance the Rapper 😍
  4. This is my coffee mug.
  1. Tights. Stockings. Whatever.
    These were made by the patriarchy. I have never hated another item of clothing more. I would rather have my legs freeze off or endure one thousand comments about how white my legs are from my mother and society than wear these unjustifiably-expensive and uncomfortable torture devices. I tried to wear a pair to my performance review last month because it felt like what the Man wanted me to do (wtf when do I ever do that) and I put my toe right through them accidentally. That'll teach me.
  2. Turtlenecks, chokers, or anything tight on my throat
    I just can't do it. I don't know why. I've tried to condition myself lately because chokers are v ~in~ and I like them but my willpower is not that great and I ended up cutting the turtleneck off my shirt mid-workday last week. The hate is strong with this one.
  3. Forced participation
    The Man wants me to play ice breaker games and to that I say fuck no. Also no to team building exercises. Ropes courses are fine tho.
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I screenshot mostly ugly snapchats on my friends, but also some other vital things.
  1. The LACMA snapchat is the most important one I follow
  2. This was just an important insta that I needed to save. I love that a dog subscription box posted this
  3. My boyfriend loves goats
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