You had me at...

  1. "In terms of statistical analysis, I really prefer RStudio."
  2. "I can do a really terrible impression of Christopher Walken."
  3. "I see myself doing neuroscience research in the future."
  4. "I have a good amount of existential dread on my plate right now."
  5. "I can't right now I'm watching Cosmos."
  6. "I prefer nonparametric methods."
  7. "In terms of missions launched during our generation, I'll be waiting for one that surpasses Cassini."
  8. "I have this great store of NIH articles I'll send you."
  9. "Do you ever think about the atomic void?"
  10. "My favorites are probably the Antennae galaxies."
  11. "I don't disagree that Thucydides was a better historian but Herodotus knew how to tell a story."
  12. "Tell me more about your goals in research."