very important things that I find aesthetically pleasing (which is basically all my favorite things)
  1. succulents
    first and foremost
  2. ukuleles
    plus my cat, my bed and my computer with cactus on it ;)
  3. Gnome Cafe in Charleston, SC
    this place accurately represents what the inside of my mind looks like
  4. marble
    pictured above and also on the home screen of my phone
  5. fairy lights
    basic but beautiful
  6. my ADORABLE friends
    not pictured: emily marie applegate
  7. puns
    can this be part of an aesthetic??? I don't care
  8. light grey
  9. vinyl albums
  10. Pickled Peach
    it is only the most adorable place and I am only there every other day of my life
  11. exclamation points !!
    I love them in an odd way
  12. this emoji
  13. sunsets
  14. picnics
  15. Madeline Pennington
    this particular photo of her speaking passionately about aesthetics
  16. light pink
  17. clouds
  18. chocolate covered acai berries
  19. flower boxes
  20. coffeetable books
    the kind of reading I will always enjoy
  21. Gilmore Girls
    i owe my existence to Rory and Lorelai
  22. frozen Pizza
    k it's not glamorous but I would be nowhere without it
  23. polaroid pictures
  24. stars
  25. New York City
  26. bumblebees
  27. Davidson Farmers Market
  28. Macaroons
  29. srunchies
  30. this playlist
  31. @august_b 's VSCO
    so good it's confusing
  32. Madeline Pennington & the iconic Instagram Theme
    if that were the name of a book, I'd read it
  33. Ed Sheeran
    no album pictured because they're all so perfect
  34. Jon Bellion
    his cover art is flawless
  35. Schmackary's, NYC
    plus look how adorable my dad is
  36. fuzzy socks
  37. lavender
    the color AND the scent
  38. rooftops
  39. chai tea lattes
    the only superior beverage on this planet (macaroons are a bonus)
  40. isabel (plus face paint and bubbles)
  41. bright turquoise
  42. sunrise smoothies from Summit Coffee
  43. Ocracoke Sunsets
  44. Kādi Fit
  45. 2 for $20 shoes from Urban Outfitters
  46. Succulent Swells & Rose Gold Sunnies
  47. comfort colors tee shirts