I am changing the name of this list to signify a more positive meaning, from now on these are some values and goals that I wish to live by instead of things I think will never come true..!!
  1. saying exactly what you wanted to say and having it work out perfectly
  2. never doubting yourself
  3. always having something positive to say
  4. never ever being uptight
  5. having endless faith in love
  6. never doubting for a second that you're doing everything right
  7. never letting your failures get you down
  8. always knowing just what to do to make someone happy or trying your best to help them
  9. having a shoulder to rest your head upon
  10. and a hand to hold when you're feeling low
  11. always be understanding
  12. never telling lies that could hurt others
  13. being honest but not hurtful
  14. having someone know exactly what you're feeling before you even tell them, they'll just understand
  15. knowing just what someone is thinking
  16. asking all the questions you have
  17. doing all things, big and small, with confidence
  18. speaking up for yourself
  19. conquering your fears and never listening to those who put you down
  20. loudly and proudly standing up for what you believe in
  21. accomplishing things you told yourself you'd never do
  22. living life like it's a movie montage
  23. never ever letting anxiety and stress control your life
  24. making at least one other person feel happy every single day
  25. turning anger and frustration into passion and determination
  26. take time to look at your life and reflect on all of your blessings
  27. never leaving anything unsaid
  28. taking advantage of every opportunity placed in front of you
  29. knowing when it's time to reach out to someone
    enough is enough
  30. trying to understand myself instead of relying on others to do it for me