Kindle Wish List

  1. Hot Little Hands Abigail Ulman
  2. Preparation for the Next Life Atticus Lish
  3. Purity Jonathan Franzen
  4. The Natural Way of Things Charlotte Wood
  5. The Other Side of the World Stephanie Bishop
  6. My Brilliant Friend Elana Ferrante
  7. A Guide to Berlin Gail Jones
  8. Fates and Furies Lauren Groff
  9. Six Bedrooms Tegan Bennett Daylight
  10. The Women's Pages Debra Adelaide
  11. The Last Will and Testament of Henry Hoffman John Tesarch
  12. Last Day in the Dynamite Factory Annah Faulkner
  13. In the Quiet Eliza Henry-Jones
  14. Heat and Light Ellen van Neerven