1. As a mountain falcon, swiftest of all birds, swoops down upon some cowering dove - the dove flies before him but the falcon with a shrill scream follows close after, resolved to have her - even so did Achilles make straight for Hector with all his might, while Hector fled under the Trojan wall as fast as his limbs could take him.
  2. As a fire raging in some mountain glen after long drought - and the dense forest is in a blaze, while the wind carries great tongues of fire in every direction - even so furiously did Achilles rage, wielding his spear as though he were a superhuman force, and giving chase to those whom he would slay, till the dark earth ran with blood.
  3. As two swart oxen both strain their utmost at the plow which they are drawing in a fallow field, and the sweat steams upwards from about the roots of their horns - nothing but the yoke divides them as they break up the ground till they reach the end of the field - even so did the two Ajaxes stand shoulder to shoulder by one another.
  4. As when the mighty sea that thunders on the beach when the west wind has lashed it into fury, it has reared its head afar and now comes crashing down on the shore; it bows its arching crest high over the jagged rocks and spews its salt foam in all directions, even so did the serried phalanxes of the Danaans march steadfastly to battle.
  5. As when a man gives a great ox-hide all drenched in fat to his men, and bids them stretch it; whereon they stand round it in a ring and tug till the moisture leaves it, and the fat soaks in for the many that pull at it, it is well stretched - even so did the two sides tug the dead body hither and thither within the compass of but a little space.