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Sometimes I have no self control
  1. Brainstormed blog names ; cross checked for domain availability
    Still nothing.
  2. Browsed job listings
    And I like my job! I don't know what's wrong with me.
  3. Peeled an orange and ate it over the trashcan.
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Okay, nine. My phone only holds photos from the last year and a half. These are but a sample from a lifetime spent screenshotting. In no specific order.
  1. The first and only time I ever opened an email saying your friend soenso is on Twitter! (because it's never actually someone I know or even a human as far as I can tell). It appears this person - who I still can't identify - created a Twitter profile solely to message an ex because she won't talk to him. Probably because he kept calling her dude.
  2. The screenshot I'm most proud of. A jilted Instagram post deleted mere seconds later. The caption makes me laugh to this day.
  3. The Internet is full of gifts. I joined this meetup post-screenshot.
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Things I (or others) have experienced that made me think of GIRLS. Life imitates art or whatever.
  1. Hannah, sitting on a public toilet and wondering if she is safe to do her business alone, bends down to check for feet under the stall walls only to lock eyes with someone else making the same move.
  2. Hannah visits her widowed grandfather and finds signs of his grandmother's absence: no guest towels, lunch meat but no bread, bedding smells like it sat in the washer too long
  3. Marnie's dad's new girlfriend joins them on a trip to meet his family. Realizing she forgot moisturizer, Marnie asks GF if she can borrow some. A believer in essential oils, GF asks Marnie if she prefers Coconut or Sweet Almond. Marnie stares.
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  1. American flag sunglasses
  2. Shepard Fairy "Hope" t-shirt of Grumpy Cat
  3. Lip ring
    Not an article of clothing but an abominable affectation nonetheless
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Before I blink and it's March
  1. Renew car registration that is a now a whole month and thus new sticker late
  2. Get a haircut
  3. Check on tech hub content
    Then write it
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  1. My hair is oily
    But that's neither new or noteworthy.
  2. Spotted a terrible blast from the past in the elevator bay of my brand new employer IN A NEW CITY that shares a building with her employer whose faraway office she must have transferred from
    Because life
  3. That's it
  4. It's enough