Before I blink and it's March
  1. Renew car registration that is a now a whole month and thus new sticker late
  2. Get a haircut
  3. Check on tech hub content
    Then write it
  4. Go hard at work in general and feel confident during salary negotiations next month (!!!)
  5. Mourn the loss of AT&T service
    Is it too late slash expensive to go back???
  7. Switch car insurance????
  8. Be present and stop missing Atlanta so much
  9. Do something physical
  10. Save!!!!! You're not used to being paid what you're worth and that's exciting but also dangerous. Get a separate bank account, a budget, something.
  11. Stop ghosting dudes who are trying to be nice albeit lame and go on one measly date
  12. Make friends
  13. Write more
  14. Think less