Things I (or others) have experienced that made me think of GIRLS. Life imitates art or whatever.
  1. Hannah, sitting on a public toilet and wondering if she is safe to do her business alone, bends down to check for feet under the stall walls only to lock eyes with someone else making the same move.
  2. Hannah visits her widowed grandfather and finds signs of his grandmother's absence: no guest towels, lunch meat but no bread, bedding smells like it sat in the washer too long
  3. Marnie's dad's new girlfriend joins them on a trip to meet his family. Realizing she forgot moisturizer, Marnie asks GF if she can borrow some. A believer in essential oils, GF asks Marnie if she prefers Coconut or Sweet Almond. Marnie stares.
  4. Hannah writes a quippy bio for the "Who's new in marketing" internal email only to find out they edited her "says she'll go to yoga" line to say she "participates in yoga" instead.
  5. Shosh plans a bowling date with a new flame. She googles bowling tips because if she wins she gets a back rub but if he wins, it's a sex act I'd prefer not mention