Sometimes I have no self control
  1. Brainstormed blog names ; cross checked for domain availability
    Still nothing.
  2. Browsed job listings
    And I like my job! I don't know what's wrong with me.
  3. Peeled an orange and ate it over the trashcan.
  4. Wrote this list
    And the one before it.
  5. Read a surprisingly convincing post on @MyDomaine about the merits in having a platonic male roommate.
    Though based on the way she described him, I'd undoubtedly fall in love. If she didn't strategically drop a GF bomb in the article I would have asked for his information. No I wouldn't! But still.
  6. Craved a burrito then persevered
  7. Wrote this list in a fucking notepad document before posting so I wouldn't forget and because I am an animal who does not care about anything that matters.