Okay, nine. My phone only holds photos from the last year and a half. These are but a sample from a lifetime spent screenshotting. In no specific order.
  1. The first and only time I ever opened an email saying your friend soenso is on Twitter! (because it's never actually someone I know or even a human as far as I can tell). It appears this person - who I still can't identify - created a Twitter profile solely to message an ex because she won't talk to him. Probably because he kept calling her dude.
  2. The screenshot I'm most proud of. A jilted Instagram post deleted mere seconds later. The caption makes me laugh to this day.
  3. The Internet is full of gifts. I joined this meetup post-screenshot.
  4. A constant struggle. Her texting style can only be described as steam of consciousness. Fiji is her cat.
  5. Discretion is key. Sort of. Hard right swipe.
  6. LD and daughter. Caption: he's making us tour every civil war battlefield.
  7. Some of my favorite headlines come from the email generator at 1-800PETMEDS after I once used my cat's name on a form.
  8. I wish you knew Jess Sanders. Her Lays flavor suggestions are as specific and offensive as her personality. I say that with love. Not pictured: manchego bacon wrapped dates, cranberry chicken salad
  9. My worst group text nightmare. What is it with dads and transportation updates? If I hear another person tell me which highway they took to get here I'll throw myself into the sea.