Para los gringos: dichos are Mexican proverbs or sayings. Meditation, guidance, inspiration, intention, sass, and shade all thrown in together. And sometimes with guilt too. Duh. Here are three I'm focusing on today.
  1. A la hora de freír frijoles, manteca es lo que hace falta.
    When it's time to fry the beans, lard is what's needed. At the hour of truth, what you do, not what you say, is what really matters. You've got to walk your talk, or don't even talk: walk!
  2. Ojos que no ven; corazón que no siente.
    Eyes that don't see equals a heart which has no feelings. How can we not see refugees and not want to help? Their hearts are dead. I'm looking at you governors of 31 states.
  3. El que por su gusto corre, nunca se cansa.
    Who for his pleasure runs, never tires. When you do something for pleasure, it's not tiring. Do what you love and love what you do.