Besides my twin sister who is the most important person to me in the entire world and always has been and will be. (Inspired by @sarahmccoy)
  1. Courtney: Preschool
    All I remember is that I loved her because she made me laugh. She got annoyed with me because I couldn't draw a proper heart (they all came out lumpy).
  2. Kimmy and Brandi: Kindergarten-1st grade
    Brandi was the coolest of us three, and I was always jealous of her. Other than that, we three (and also my sister) were bosom buddies. Then I moved to a different town...
  3. Lauryn: 2nd grade-3rd grade
    She was the first person I met in my new school district and she proposed that we be best friends at the end of recess on the first day of school. I will never forget her slight smile and my pure elation.
  4. Reagan: 3rd grade
    Lauryn and I were in different classes this year, and she ditched me for a girl named Ashlee. Reagan had broken her arm, and my heart was broken. I thought she was kinda lame but I had no one else to talk to on the playground and then our friendship just blossomed.
  5. Ashlee: 4th grade
    Plot twist: I became great friends with Ashlee, who was previously my enemy because she stole Lauryn away. Little did I know, this is exactly how Reagan came to feel about Ashlee for stealing me away.
  6. Reagan, Desiree, Emily: 5th grade-8th grade
    Ashlee went to a different school, and I reunited with Reagan, as well as some girls who had been good friends of mine for years (but not necessarily "best friends" until that point). We were The Gang. We were unstoppable. There were some fringe members, some of our other friends, but we were the core group.
  7. Emily: Freshman year-present
    The Gang vowed to always remember each other—which we still do. I don't see Des much anymore (I talk to her as often as I can) but Reagan is still one of my closest friends. Emily and I devoted our lives to each other on the first day of freshman English class and we have been happily besties ever since.