Things That Make Me Mad At The Diner

I work at a diner.
  1. When people leave open little cups of creamer on the table but there's still a little creamer in there unbeknownst to me so when I pick it up by the bottom it spills EVERYWHERE
  2. When people don't eat their toast even though they ordered it and they're wasting perfectly good toast!!!
  3. When a table has more than one kid because more than one kid means that there is 0 chance of there not being CRUMBS EVERYWHERE ON THE FLOOR, 300 STRAW WRAPPERS ALSO ON THE FLOOR, 62 SMALL CUPS STILL HALF-FULL OF CHOCOLATE MILK, and 80 BROKEN CRAYONS
  4. When someone tells me they are eligible for the senior discount AFTER I'VE ALREADY RANG THEM UP AND AM IN THE PROCESS OF COUNTING OUT THIER CHANGE
  5. When everyone at a table asks for 2 different drinks ("a coffee and, uh, an orange juice")AND a water ("oh also some water") so I have to make 80,000 trips
  6. When people get mad at me when I tell them that we can't push two tables together because it's a fire hazard!! I don't make the rules, man!!
  7. When a group walks in 8 MINUTES BEFORE CLOSING !!!!!!!!!!! THESE PEOPLE DO NOT HAVE SOULS!!!!!!!
  8. When people come in and plonk their stuff on a table before I've finished clearing it off from the last people!!!! I need to wipe the table down if you could please move your hands and the stack of newspapers you have already started reading!!
  9. When I spill something because then I have no one to blame but myself