I'm not a cranky, vindictive crybaby all the time. In fact, not even most of the time. It's just easy to express anger in lists. Luckily, it's also easy to express happiness!
  1. The sound the hot water tap makes
    I like when people order tea so I can hear the steady "tss...tss...tss"
  2. New ice
    When you get new ice at the soda fountain and it's all shiny and the icebox is full and you stick the scoop in there and it's just like "ohh yeahh." Is it just me, or is that the best?
  3. When customers pay with cards that are NOT chip cards because chip cards take 12 freaking years to read
    The slidey card people who refuse to conform are my greatest allies.
  4. Peppermint patties
    They're in a little bowl by the cash register and you can get them for 10 cents apiece, plus tax. They sustain me through the longest shifts.
  5. When my boss is in a good mood
    Because she sings little songs to herself, like the other day she was just improvising a little song about ham. It was really good.
  6. Free beverages
    I get to drink anything I want for free except for the shakes. Hydration station!!!!