Weird Favorite Foods

This includes beverages.
  1. Pickled okra
    Well, anything pickled, actually (not meat). I love pickled carrots and also my grandmother's famous pickled cucumbers.
  2. Ginger beer
    More potent than ginger ale, non-alcoholic but with an edgy name. Perfect beverage.
  3. Pears
    Pears aren't weird, but I love them to a very weird degree.
  4. Fruit leather
    Texture is important. This is also why I appreciate beef jerky, though I don't eat it often.
  5. Freeze-dried strawberries
    Where do you find these other than cereal?? I'm obsessed with them!!
  6. Saltwater taffy
    The best candy. I crave it all the time.
  7. Sunny D
    I binge on Sunny D once every couple of months and then I let it rest. But oh, what glorious times I have with a liter of Sunny D in my claws...
  8. This one kind of potato...
    ...that my mom makes at's a Greek recipe...they're the best potatoes in the world, I count down the days until Easter solely in anticipation for them...