We start shooting in a week. Here are the 10 best things that have happened as we get ready to rock!
  1. I bought 5 lamps for my dressing room and realized I have exactly one wall socket.
  2. I took oregano oil to prevent illness and over estimated my dosage, vomiting in front of the new first team PA.
  3. We had to decide how many tattoos to cover on a new male cast member and decided to keep "just the ones of birds and nuts"
  4. Got lost on the way from the sound stage to my office. Was found by a new PA who kindly said "these halls ARE kinda confusing!" (I've worked here for 4 years.)
  5. @jennikonner fired me from casting because I suggested a very scary character actor I shall not name for a very sexy role. Her email read simply "you are fired."
  6. @AllisonWilliams new puppy Moxie tried to eat some fake hair we were testing for a special occasion.
  7. We got Peter Pan donuts! Twice!
  8. Our props department made a really cool dead goldfish out of a simple fishing lure (been bragging about this for days.)
  9. @jennikonner and I created a good nap arena in our formerly funereal office (when I suggested we show off some pics Jenni said "it's not THAT nice." She is right.)
  10. We still have jobs.