@jennikonner & I are launching Lenny, a newsletter that loves you just the way you are. 10 reasons we think signing up at lennyletter.com is worth your time!
  1. Because we said so.
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    And aren't we sweet?
  2. Because we think that snark isn't the only way to entertain people.
  3. Because we think women are smarter and more passionate than the media they're being fed.
  4. Because it's free.
  5. Because we are proudly not bi-partisan.
  6. Because we know a lot of really cool women (define woman how you want) who will contribute and inspire you.
  7. Because like @bjnovak & @sophia before us we are marching into the digital world and we need our ListApp friends for support!
  8. Because we wanna bring you the best in ideas, culture and style and we won't break your bank.
  9. Because the word vagina will be thrown around a bunch.
  10. Because Lenny loves you.