Just some real "who am I??" moments, good and bad. Most have been on airplanes.
  1. I said "thank gosh!" to a TSA worker when she said I could leave my sweater on in security.
  2. I had the same flight crew twice in a row and walked into the cockpit and yelled "did ya miss me!?"
  3. I left for the airport on time.
  4. I told someone I would "explore internally and circle back."
  5. I had the opportunity to feel hurt and chose not to.
  6. I saw Terence Howard walk by and shrieked "I love your work!"
    Yes I love Empire but a- he is not Jamal and b- he has been very publicly accused of battering women not once not twice but a lot of times. It wasn't my voice that came out of my throat and said those words.
  7. I returned my father's text with LOLOLOL!
  8. I told my boyfriend that "consistency is really important to me."
  9. I woke up in my own bed covered in scratches I couldn't explain or identify.
  10. I accused someone of being "the mole" in my friendship circle.