Inspired by the culinary magic of ListApp (hey @gabimoskowitz @eatthelove) I have filled our kitchen with- gasp- groceries and invented (I think!?) not one but five snacks.
  1. Udi's GF raisin toast with sesame butter, honey and sea salt
    Note: I am not gluten-free, just adore the leaden texture
  2. Plain yogurt mixed with Peter Rabbit pumpkin carrot apple baby food
    It basically just creates a different, better baby food. Note: offer the leftover baby food to your dog!
  3. Open faced goat cheese melt with preserved lemon and truffle oil
    This is just fancy fake gourmet stuff mashed together and spread on bread and placed in the toaster oven for five mins
  4. Plain yogurt with honey and matcha powder
    Sickly green 💚💚💚
  5. Chicken bitez
    Grill up some chicken breast, then slice it then brown it more. Put it on a cracker with sriracha and smashed avocado and you have a chicken bite!