I love to shop, gorge and binge watch Love and Hip-Hop in Hollywood. A great palate cleanser for modern excess is giving time and/or money (no amount is too small!) to an amazing organization. 8 favs!
  1. GEMS
    GEMS is an amazing organization run by an awe inspiring woman, Rachel Lloyd, that helps to rescue, educate and rehabilitate girls who have been domestically sex trafficked and exploited. Many of these girls come from backgrounds of abuse and GEMS is the first place they've encountered loving healthy attention. Rachel's book Girls Like Us is awesome. (http://www.gems-girls.org/)
  2. Polaris Project
    Works on domestic sex trafficking laws on a state and national level! Goes hand in hand with GEMS. (https://polarisproject.org/)
  3. Best Friends
    An amazing animal shelter started in Kanab, Utah, Best Friends not only rescues thousands of animals a year but also works on No Kill and puppy mill legislation. Angels! (http://bestfriends.org/)
  4. Black Girls Code
    Aims to close the diversity gap in both gender and race that exists in tech by making coding a viable possibility and essential skill for young women of color. I met the founder at Sheryl Sandberg's house (very cool tech name drop) and she was rad! (http://www.blackgirlscode.com/)
  5. Planned Parenthood
    My OG organization - 100 years of supporting women's health, family planning and the right to choose. I love them so much I could perish. (https://www.plannedparenthood.org/)
  6. Young Women Empowered (Seattle)
    Arts education for awesome young girls who might not have exposure to it otherwise. I was so inspired by doing a Seattle workshop with these bold brilliant minds. They are better writers than any of us. (http://youngwomenempowered.org/)
  7. 826LA (@826LA)
    Another amazing org devoted to teaching kids writing and reading skills they may be missing at school, and supporting their awe inspiring creativity. Plus Dave Eggers really gives it a chic factor ⭐️(http://826la.org/)
  8. The Peter Cicchino Youth Project
    I can't say it any better than their website: "The Peter Cicchino Youth Project works to interrupt the cycles of poverty and criminalization that prevent homeless and street-involved young people from living fulfilling lives free from discrimination, abuse, and oppression." Sign me up! Or more accurately, sign my money up! (https://pcyp.urbanjustice.org/)