I love when list app buddies ask for practical advice! Thank you @rachel for this request.
  1. Start by asking yourself this: do you really want to do this?
    The first day is thrilling, yes, but it also feels sort of like a wig and it's a wig you can't remove. Statement hair can be emotionally tiring. Just know that.
  2. That being said, it's also a lot of fun.
    Bleach not only creates a bold new look, it also gives your hair a gritty straw-like new texture that lends itself so well to messy top-knots, Margot Tenenbaum bobs and bedhead with a purpose. It isn't silky but it's effective.
  3. Find a great colorist
    I cannot stress this enough. Bleach is not for amateurs. I have done this at home and not only is it insanely toxic, you will likely lose hair and only get to a rusty orange before the burning is too intense. This look is for pros only. Once you ARE bleached you can fuck around with fun colors in your bathroom, but let a master do this first step. I use Tanner at Rheanne White salon in NYC. Bleach blonde is a specialty, so find someone who gets it.
  4. Consider all the blondes, and bring pictures.
    Saying you want your hair blonde is like saying you want your house green. But WHAT blonde? Strawberry, champagne, dishwater?? Even single process bleach action has shades and shadows- didn't you hear Kim K went back multiple times to get the snowy look she wanted? Well so did @sophia! So did many of us.
  5. Remember it's a time and money suck
    I love roots so I let my bad boys grow for months, but if you want to look born this way it's gonna be a lot of upkeep. Even with roots I still needed to invest in toning and trimming to keep that shit sparkling. A depressed yellow blonde is not fun for anyone.
  6. Revamp your hair care system
    Once you're blonded, you must switch your products up. A fancy purple shampoo to keep your color clear and a heavy duty conditioner to fend off the damage. Don't skimp on these and ask your colorist which are right for your hair texture and damage level. I have always used classic Shimmer Lights and am recently obsessed with a Shisheido hair mask.
  7. As I said earlier, it's an amazing canvas
    Since bleaching in August I have been varied shades of green, chocolate brown and strawberry and I love how the color looks on top of the bleachy texture I described before.
  8. Starting over is hard
    Over the years I've bleached at least 10 different times and at the end of the journey I chop all my hair off to start fresh. You can, of course, grow it out but I always found the texture differential between top and bottom portions challenging so opted for a clean break.
  9. Men are so dumb
    Dye your hair blonde and watch the doors get held open. I was horrified! It was info I personally didn't need.
  10. Bring a book
    Mine took nearly TEN HOURS but slow = good for your hair. Think of it as a transatlantic flight and prepare accordingly.
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  11. @lenadunham @sophia I like purple lips for 2015. I think it would look good on anyone! But true purple not vamp blackberry.
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