Inspired by @busyphilipps's killer list of gal's names, here are some baby names I adore but know I can't use for 1,000 reasons (presuming @jackantonoff sticks with me through child-rearing.) Also I am not at all pregnant, I just love names. Also I am not insulting your name, if you happen to have one of these names!
  1. Renata
    Name of a mean girl in Sweet Valley High/a mean journalist in 80s NYC.
  2. Kay
    Gorgeous, perfect, a friend with whom I already have a complex relationship used it.
  3. Alamo
    For a boy. Has uncomfortable cultural implications. Nothing so good happened at that battle.
  4. Alfred
    Jack would rather kick the bucket.
  5. Veda
    From My Girl, so romantic, Jack said "cool name!" Then considered it and said "terrible name."
  6. Navajo
    Sounds so great but what white as snow Coachella loving asshole would do this?
  7. Pasha
    Doesn't age that well, at least not if she looks like me.
  8. Leland
    So good but my great uncle who bore this name also bore a real dickish personality.