I turned 29 and got some great birthday presents. I felt so happy and alive after a few weeks of grief times. Let's take it to brag town!
  1. From the Barista at Starbucks
    No way cutie, you are! I cried when I saw this. Magical. First stop of the day.
  2. From my agent
    This is a DUH- he's gotta go big or go home- but this one was so cozy, so luxurious and so deeply needed by a girl with a cold on a cold day in the Bronx. (Okay need is wrong word for an Hermes blanket. It was wanted, so wanted.)
  3. Yes, these are Cookie & Lucius pants and no I will never take them off
  4. From my friend Paul Monroe
    Paul was married to my favorite artist Greer Lankton, a transwoman who died in 1996. He is an amazing artist himself and this purse, covered in images of Greer and her work, represents that. I am on the board of the Greer Lankton Archives Museum (GLAM)!
  5. From Jemima
    She went to the store and selected each bloom 💓
  6. Essence magazine, the essence of birthday magic.
  7. Sign language for "L" aka Lena or Love
  8. Nothing. Except love and acceptance 24/7 & year round. So, um, thank you.