Beyond The Lights is one of the greatest romantic films of all time, and definitely of OUR time. Writer/director Gina Prince-Blythewood remains a 👑. Best aspects below.
  1. Machine Gun Kelly playing rapper "Kid Culprit"
    Strong strong performance with a hefty dose of sleaze!
  2. The choice to give our lead purple hair
    Poo stardom is all about strong choices and a purple weave styled in Rita Hayworth waves is the strongest choice💜
  3. Nate Parker's sensitive eyes and beautiful stomach
    He's also a very good actor but it's my prerogative to objectify those who have historically objectified! Boom!
  4. Minnie Driver kills it
    This is fully her revenge for learning Matt Damon dumped her over the radio 😎
  5. The sensual camerawork
    Cinematographically, this film lives somewhere between Cassavetes and a Rihanna video and I didn't realize I needed that so badly until it happened.
  6. The lead girl, Noni, has a real appetite
    She's always honking down on some Mac n' Cheese or whatever and it doesn't seem like fakey movie chewing.
  7. For real though, this film is the most accurate depiction of the ways in which success and fame can be isolating
    I am obviously not a massive pop star being overly sexualized by my demonic momager, but I related deeply to the emotional fatigue that comes with chasing a dream at nearly any cost and forgetting what initially sent you forth on your journey. There's a gorgeous scene where Noni, our lead, asks her security turned lover Kaz "can I just sleep?" Good thing my on set security is an older woman named Donna or @jackantonoff would be in trouble. And that's something I could only say on ListApp!