Oh @sophia I thought you'd never ask! I'm passionate about tights (I sometimes even sleep in them!) and will list my best brands.
  1. Hue
    great, cheap basics in strong colors
  2. Legs Avenue
    for more sexual styles
  3. Wolford
    Fancy as fuck but nothing better when it comes to a thick winter tight that will keep you warm as a baby dog at Paris Hilton's house circa 2003
  4. House of Holland for Pretty Polly
    Very fashion forward and eye catching with fun illusion details like faux garters! They impress me a lot
  5. Asos
    Unleash your inner teen, board a fleeting trend or find a knee sock that will knock your previous socks off
  6. Your mom's closet
    Mom's always have like 75 pairs of tights in perfect balls and varied shades of black, grey & brown
  7. No one can wear nude tights
    Not even ironically, not even you (the royal you, ya know?) If you're scared of being cold then wear pants puleeze!
  8. American Apparel SuperOpaque
    seriously black. and thick. no showthru or weird thigh shine. has to be the superopaques though!!
    Suggested by @white_lightning
  9. J Crew tights
    Seem to last a really long time, even when I take my shoes off and run around tight-footed!
    Suggested by @Mary
  10. Splendid
    Definitely overpriced, but snag them if you find them in your mother's closet. Super soft and they remain the RIGHT shade of black even after multiple washes!
    Suggested by @daphne